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Michigan State and TCU faced off in a wing eating competition before their bowl game

Dec 31, 2012, 5:51 PM EDT

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Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - TCU v Michigan State Getty Images

TCU and Michigan State faced off in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl on Saturday night that ended with a late field goal by Michigan State as they pulled off a 17-16 nailbiter to capture their bowl win to go along with the chicken wing contest they won last Wednesday to give them a sweep of all TCU-Michigan State related competitions.

The Spartans and the Horned Frogs teamed up to make 7,330 wings disappear, with TCU averaging 20 wings per player while Michigan State averaged a much more impressive 33/per. Michigan State’s Shawn Kemm ALLEGEDLY ate ‘close to’ 65 wings, though little evidence has been provided to back up this outrageous claim. Like that time I clean lifted 6,000 pounds but nobody was watching me at the gym.

TCU and Michigan State combined to eat 7,330 wings at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tempe on Wednesday night. The Spartans won the inaugural Bowl Wing Eating Competition by averaging 33 wings per player, while TCU averaged 20. Injured TCU offensive lineman Michael Thompson claimed the individual title for TCU with 50 wings eaten.

Where’s the Pepto? Probably in the hands of MSU’s Shawn Kamm, who apparently came close to eating 65 wings, according to MSU quarterback Andrew Maxwell.

“That’s crazy, that’s insane,” TCU receiver Skye Dawson said.

There’s also been some controversy, because there can’t be a wing eating competition without a good controversy.

There was some controversy surrounding the results, though. Apparently TCU, which filled the restaurant first, may have not been given the time to engulf as many wings as they could have. They were cut off after about an hour and a half to allow MSU to take over the wing eatery.

TCU’s Devonte Fields ate 25 wings. “I was kind of full, but they were good wings so I couldn’t stop,” he said.