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Chicken saves family from house fire

Dec 28, 2012, 5:00 PM EDT

superchicken AP

That’ll do, chicken. That’ll do.

Not sports, but when all is said and done in 2012, this may be my favorite story of all. Why? Because it involves all of the essential elements to a great story: Man’s kindness to chicken, a chicken’s selfless act of devotion, and a cat (which truth be told was just kind of there at the time). It happened in Alma Center, Wis., where Dennis Murawska, 59, and his wife were roused from sleep early in the morning by their pet chicken, Cluck Cluck. A fire had broken out in the garage and the smoke detectors weren’t working.

The Murawskas, and the chicken, got out in time. And now the Associated Press is calling Cluck Cluck a hero.

“We are used to hearing about a dog or cat or something, but we never heard of a chicken waking up a resident for a fire,” says the fire chief in Alama Center. “That’s pretty amazing.”

So is the backstory. The Murawskas acquired the chicken when it wandered onto their property from a nearby farm. Dogs were harassing it, and since it hadn’t been producing eggs, the neighbor advised Murawska to just have it for dinner. But Murawska felt sorry for the chicken, and kept it as a pet. He built it a coop, and even let it into the basement during cold weather.

The chicken was in the basement when the fire broke out, and repaid its owner’s kindness by sounding the alarm. The cat didn’t do much, but should be commended for not eating the chicken, I guess.


  1. jimguida - Dec 28, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    A man once visited a friend and saw a pig with a wooden leg. When asked why, he was told “That pig woke us up in the middle of the night when the house caught fire and then dragged the baby out the front door, saving us all!”
    I was amazed, but replied, “That still doesn’t explain the wooden leg.”
    My friend scoffed. “Animal like that – you don’t eat all at once.”