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There is no flash mob like an All-Blacks Haka flash mob (video)

Dec 26, 2012, 11:12 AM EDT

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One of the greatest traditions in sports is the Haka Dance — the traditional warrior dance performed by the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team prior to their matches. It’s meant to intimidate the opposition and inspire their own players … which it usually does.

Now imagine a peaceful day in London’s Trafalgar Square, when suddenly people in the crowd begin performing the Kaka in unison. Yep, a Haka flash mob. Awesome. This happened back in November, performed by All-Blacks fans to promote a three-match tour by the Māori All-Blacks — a version of the regular New Zealand All-Blacks which does not actually participate World Cup competition. Members of the Māori All-Blacks must be of Māori descent, and the team usually plays other rugby squads which are touring New Zealand.