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Riot police break up mass brawl at Calif. youth football game. God bless us, every one!

Dec 24, 2012, 11:02 AM EDT

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Chino police donned riot gear recently to swoop in and break up:

A. Disturbance between prison gangs at the California Institution For Men.

B. Fight between picketing labor unions and temporary workers.

C. Zombie Apocalypse.

D. Fight between Pee Wee football parents.

It happened on Sunday at Chino’s Ruben S. Ayala Park during the Best of the Best youth football tournament, which was cancelled after just one day after a fight between adults.

Chino police donned riot helmets on Saturday afternoon when they received reports of a large brawl possibly involving 200 to 300 adults had broken out at the tournament.

“From what I knew, it was two or three guys against one of the parents,” said Hazel Gunn, who was cheering Covina on Sunday afternoon. “I can’t say if alcohol was or wasn’t involved because I didn’t see it or smell it so I can’t say one way or another, but I know it’s against the rules to have it at the games.”

However, another father, who didn’t want to be identified, said the fight began when two women drinking from red plastic cups became belligerent with several parents from various visiting teams.

“These women said something to one of the fathers from Alhambra and when he responded to them, `Whatever,’ one of the women got offended and told her husband,” the father said. “I don’t know what she told her husband, but from what I understand and saw, they kind of sucker-punched (the Alhambra parent.)”

So just remember: all-out barroom brawl in a TV western: fun! The same thing at your kid’s youth football game: felony!