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Things are getting bad guys…Sidney Crosby plays goalie in street hockey game

Dec 22, 2012, 12:31 PM EDT

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With the NHL Lockout continuing onward with no end in sight, NHL players have a little bit of free time on their hands and Penguins star Sidney Crosby appears to be using that time to hone his goaltending skills.

Crosby was spotted last week playing in a street hockey game at Dek Star hockey rink near Pittsburgh and as a favor to a friend, he suited up as goalie and played for their team:

“My buddy plays in the league there. I talked to him about playing,” Crosby said. “I played a lot of goalie in street hockey growing up and stuff. Just asked if he needed a goalie. He said sure and I came out. It was cool.”

Since Sidney was wearing the goalie gear for most of the day, one of the most recognizable faces in Pittsburgh hockey history was barely noticed by the other players:

“I had all the [goaltending] gear on,” Crosby said. “I was talking to the ref once toward the end of the game and I think he recognized me.”

“My referee walked over just to kind of say, ‘Hey, you’re not the normal goalie. It’s about time they get a goalie.’ ” said Chris Evans, general manager of Dek Star. “Instead, he looked at him and he was like, ‘Holy [cow] that’s Sidney Crosby.’ “

“The other team played against him for an hour and had no idea. They didn’t even know until I told them until after he left.”

For those of you wondering how Sid the Kid did in the game, Crosby earned a shutout in his team’s 4-0 victory but he quickly pointed out that his teammates did all the work:
“I didn’t have one shot. My team was really good defensively,” said Crosby.


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