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Police use pepper spray on unruly crowd jostling to purchase new Air Jordans

Dec 21, 2012, 11:32 AM EDT

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The new Nike Air Jordan Retro 11s are out: retail price, $185. Some want them more than others. In Fort Worth, Texas, for instance, police had to quell a mini-riot on Friday when shoe enthusiasts broke formation and tried to muscle to the front of the line for the coveted sneakers.

“There was like a big riot over here, people got, like, pepper sprayed … it was really crazy. It was, like, chaos. Horrible. You couldn’t go through anywhere. If you go through there, it’d be like pretty much squishing, pushed down on the floor, stepped on. It was really crazy. Over some shoes. It was like a black Friday for shoes,” said Julio Lomeli.

That happened at the Hulen Mall, where 300-400 people gathered for a chance to buy the shoes. Meanwhile, in Huntsville, Ala.:

There were about 100 people in line, but only 35 wristbands. When most of the crowd realized they would be shut out, they broke line in order to grab a wristband, causing a near-riot.

Police pepper-sprayed the crowd to restore order.

But in a development that could only happen in America, many of the people who were pepper-sprayed refused to get medical attention, because they didn’t want to give up their place in line.

There was also reports of customer unrest in Columbus, Ga., and Houston — the latter where two men were robbed of their wristbands at gunpoint.

Merry Christmas, every one!

  1. skids003 - Dec 24, 2012 at 7:46 AM

    Are tennis shoes more danderous than ping pong or guns?