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Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele eloped to Wisconsin, and Vikings fans aren’t happy about it

Dec 20, 2012, 3:29 PM EDT

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Minnesota Vikings v St. Louis Rams Getty Images

As you surely know by now, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder got hitched to ESPN lovely Samantha Steele on Monday (Jimmy Johnson’s wedding gift: “Maybe his wife can teach him how to throw.”). But after only three days of wedded bliss, there’s already trouble in paradise.

Not between Ponder and Steele. The tumult is coming from Vikings fans. The couple, you see, eloped … to Wisconsin. Minnesotans were not amused by this.

Fox Sports North:

Ponder confirmed the two were married at a Hudson, Wis., courthouse on Monday afternoon.

“We tried to keep the attention away from us and just went over to Wisconsin and had it done,” Ponder said Wednesday during his weekly press conference. “So, it was quick, but it was good.”

Well, it wasn’t good for everyone. Headline in Wednesday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Ponder, Steele tie knot in Packers territory

“I know, probably, the state of Minnesota isn’t happy about” him venturing into enemy territory for such a significant event, said Ponder, who went before the cameras without a wedding band. “But you know, whatever.”

‘Whatever’? You silver-tongued wordsmith, you. That’ll douse the flames I’m sure.

Steele tweeted on Wednesday morning: “Twitter is so tricky. Who knew that ‘she’s pregnant’ & ‘they’ll be divorced soon’ are just the 2012 version of ‘congrats’! Thx guys! :)”

No, Vikings fans are not taking this well. Commenter at Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

Jeff Hoffman · Top Commenter · Winona
Silly Christian…you didn’t need to go to WI for people not to care about you…you could have stayed right here…