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When he was in college, Redskins’ Alfred Morris was attacked by a raccoon, which stole his sandal

Dec 18, 2012, 7:56 PM EDT

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Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns Getty Images

This story is not for the meek.

You may know Alfred Morris as the hard-hitting running back who has led the Washington Redskins to the league’s top-rated rushing attack. But when he was in college, Morris was mugged by a raccoon, which stole one of his sandals. He swears this is true.

It happened at Florida Atlantic University, which apparently has a large raccoon population. Morris told of the sandal theft on Reddit, then was contacted by DC Sports Bog and related the rest of the story.

“We just came back from McDonald’s or something,” he said. “During the summer it’s hard times and they had 49-cent cheeseburgers on Sundays. Anyway, we pulled up and saw a raccoon, and it was daylight so I was like, that thing is rabid.”

Morris got out of the car as the raccoon started moving in his direction.

“All of a sudden I looked down and it was charging at me,” Morris said, running in place as he told the story. “So I jumped, and when I jumped one of my sandals fell off. He went running past me, stopped and grabbed my sandal. I yelled, ‘He got my sandal!’ and went chasing after him.”

The raccoon dropped the sandal when it ran under a car, and Morris thought his nightmare was over. But …

“We started walking off and he came running after us again,” Morris laughed. “So we started running, but my friend chased [the raccoon] to the end of the parking lot. But when he turned around to come back, the raccoon started chasing him again. That raccoon was having too much fun.”

Of course this story won’t be complete until we get the raccoon’s side of it. We’re attempting to locate it now.