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Dog race ends in 30-million-to-one triple dead heat

Dec 17, 2012, 4:29 PM EDT

dogracing Getty Images

And the winner is … under review. You could give Ed Hochuli 48 hours under the hood looking at replays and he wouldn’t be able to figure this one out. A greyhound race at London’s Wimbledon Track ended in a three-way dead heat on Friday, as three dogs — Murlens Houdini, Lightning Speed and Tinas Luke — all crossed the finish line at the same time, and not even the photo finish camera could determine a winner. That means they were all within one-hundredth of a second of each other, too close for computer technology to determine who won.

According to this report, the odds are 30-million-to-one of that happening … even though another triple dead heat did happen this past January. Please hold your tickets!

Here’s that photo finish.

Funniest part: only two of the three dogs could move to the finals, so they actually had a coin flip to eliminate one dog. “Call it in the air.” “Woof!”

My comment here would be that I bet on the pace rabbit and still lost, but I’m against greyhound racing in all forms, with the exception of buses.