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University of Iowa baseball players claim their house is haunted by ghosts including one that steals panties

Dec 16, 2012, 10:33 AM EDT

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Sometimes, the stories that we come across here at Off The Bench are a little strange and this one about a group of Iowa baseball players might be an all-timer.

The story goes that the group of five University of Iowa baseball players and a hockey player recently started living in a house on North Dubuque Street near campus and started experiencing strange phenomena inside the house from televisions changing channels by themselves, chairs moving in the kitchen and seeing apparitions.

The players enlisted the help of a Iowa Paranormal Activity Support Team to see if they had ghosts or not and it appears from their findings, they do:

 A local paranormal-investigating task force claims to have confirmed the residents have two spirits in their house. One, an older, grandfatherly figure — whom the guys have named “Tim” — roams the halls and rooms of the three-story house. Another, a younger girl, stays put in one particular room of the house.

“We’ve lived here over the past two years,” junior pitcher Aaron Smit said. “But over the past few months, we noticed things getting a little bit weird. We had a kid in here who thought he saw a ghost — a shadow in a form of a human.” That experience made Smit, and the rest of his roommates, think about some other not-so-normal things that have happened in their residence before.

“We thought about how [baseball player Taylor Zeutenhorst] said he saw a little girl in his bedroom,” Smit said. “There was a time in the morning where someone was slamming the door, and we heard sprinting up the stairs. Everyone assumed it was me, but I told them I was in bed.”

However, the strangest paranormal activity that the players discussed in the report was panties being stolen right off their girlfriends:

“And on two separate occasions, girlfriends of players have had underwear removed from them while sleeping, even though they were wearing pants. Each time, the undergarments were discovered in another place,” said Smit.

As you might figure, all this paranormal activity has caused the group to not renew their lease but clearly there was only one group of people that they should have called.


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