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Turkish soccer coach attempts to get ball back into play, gets hit in the head and falls down (video)

Dec 16, 2012, 8:28 AM EDT

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Last week, Elazigspor coach Yilmaz Vural was just trying to help out the officials by getting the ball back into play but he ended up doing more harm to himself then anything else.

The incident happened in Elazigspor’s 1-0 victory over Mersin on Friday as play was stopped because the ball had been kicked out of bounds.

First off, Yural attempts to catch the ball but gets hit square in the head by it. After he tracks down the ball, he attempts to provide a swift kick that will land the ball back in play but instead of doing that, Yilmaz falls flat on his face:


Turkish soccer coach falls down trying to track down ball [Holdout Sports]