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Tis the season for ankle breaking crossovers

Dec 13, 2012, 12:30 PM EDT

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Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving

As a mere pauper in today’s society, the one thing that can consistently make me smile are GIFs of millionaires looking foolish.

And that happens a lot during crossover highlights. Buzzfeed put together an epic collection of ankle breaking NBA crossovers this season has brought us and I couldn’t help but share this heaven for haters.

Let’s watch them fall.

Here we have Nate Robinson pulling off an epic Iverson step back dribble that almost destroyed most of Reggie Jackson’s lower extremities. Lucky man.

Kobe does not often look foolish (until this year) and when he does he hates it when we dwell on his mistakes. So let’s all quietly watch Brandon Knight get the best of Kobe and then move on.


Here we have Lance Stephenson making Tony Parker look like a frail old man. Foreshadowing?


Norris Cole seems to have mastered the art of making Paul George look like a toddler with very sloppy defensive fundamentals in this one. I like how he tried to pull it off with a nice backwards slide.


This one is my favorite so far because Russell Westbrook makes it look like Luke Ridnour drops dead on the court via disappearing right leg syndrome. He just lost total body control there.
Finally we have my good buddy Delonte West. He might be wild off the court but he makes it work when he’s on the court, as you can see by this very smooth yet choppy move on Randy Foye that would look great if you’re into basketball crossovers that resemble alpine skiing maneuvers. VAMINOS!

You can check out the rest on Buzzfeed.