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Now Mexican gangs are using T-shirt guns to launch drugs over the U.S. border

Dec 12, 2012, 10:06 AM EDT

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Trying to drive your drug-filled SUV over the border fence is out. New trend: firing drugs over the fence with a T-shirt cannon.

Yep, there’s a new weapon in the War of Drugs. Once strictly used at baseball games and basketball arenas to shower fans with souvenirs, the T-shirt gun is now being used for crime. This is a first … unless you count the time that Homer Simpson shot Maude Flanders with one.


It happened in San Luis, Ariz., where a “concerned citizen” found several canisters of marijuana in a field, which had been shot over a border fence by drug smugglers. The Yuma Sun:

“By actually shooting it over the fence, they don’t have to worry about mules or smugglers actually backpacking it across,” said Kyle Estes, Yuma Sector Border Patrol public affairs officer, adding someone was most likely waiting to pick up the marijuana on the U.S. side.

Before smugglers could collect the drugs, a concerned citizen discovered the cans in the field and contacted the Border Patrol.

Although no arrests were made, and the smugglers escaped with the cannon, agents were able to seize a tank of carbon dioxide outside the border fence, along with 33 cans of marijuana.

We’ll catch you one day, Phillie Phanatic!