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Pacquiao cries during TV interview, says ‘the low morale, the sadness, I accept that’ (video)

Dec 10, 2012, 4:44 PM EDT

pacquiaofight AP

The shock of losing to Juan Manuel Marquez has long since dissipated for Manny Pacquiao. Now comes the aftermath.

Pacquiao and his wife, Jinkee, were interviewed from Las Vegas by the GMA Network on Sunday, and things got quite emotional: Manny and his wife cried throughout, both plucking from a nearby box of tissues as they were asked about the reaction of Filipino fans who watched the fight. The interview is not in English, for the most part, but just watching Pacquiao’s emotional response is pretty telling.

Some translated excerpts of Manny’s remarks, via The Telegraph:

“The low morale, the sadness, I accept that. This is my job…. But the reaction of the Filipinos, the many who cried, especially my family, it really hurts me.

“I am OK. I just got overconfident in this fight. That is part of the game — sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

The most heart-tugging moment, however, was when Pacquiao’s two young daughters appear on camera and tell their parents not to cry.

It appears, by the way, that despite pleas from his wife and mother to hang up the gloves, Pacquiao will continue boxing.