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Someone’s messing up here: Girls high school basketball game ends with a score of 76-0

Dec 7, 2012, 3:40 PM EDT

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What’s going on here? Was the losing team posing some kind of Ghandi inspired ‘scoring strike’? Because that’s the only excuse that works as they had their souls handed to them by North Forest High School in Texas, 76-0.

That’s like how the final game in Space Jam would’ve ended up if Michael Jordan didn’t bother showing up.

Most who saw just the score had to look twice.

But on Wednesday, North Forest and Lee met in the first round of the 29th Annual Houston ISD Girls Tournament. When it was over, North Forest walked off the floor with a 76-0 win.

Yes – North Forest 76, Lee 0.

What is it about Texas and girls basketball? Remember that 100-0 debacle a couple years back?

But I think those people who are complaining about this need to shut up. When a team enters a field of play, they know what they’re in for. Nothing should be held back. This is an athletic COMPETITION. If my team is winning 45-13, I’m not going to tell my players to stop playing hard; I’d bring in my second string and tell them to do the same.

Because when a team comes in knowing they’re about to lay an egg, they deserve that beating. You can only get better when faced with superior competition. This team needs to learn a lesson, and I’m not going to roll over and play to their level just because they’re horrendous.

I’m going to give them an example of a team that wants to win. And if they see that intensity and shrug it off, they need to take off their jersey and hit a computer.