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If you like your boots hideous and expensive, Jordan 28 is the shoe for you

Dec 7, 2012, 1:21 PM EDT

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Jordan brand shoes are usually known for being the hippest stuff in the shoe market since Allen Iverson’s “The Answer” heyday. Heck, I’m wearing Jordans right now. They’re the coolest shoe and I’m pretty sure when I wear them I jump. like, two inches higher.

There’s only one problem. The latest version of Jordans shocked the world when they arrived in the form of an odd boot that zips back to unveil a neon green concoction that leaves the wearer confused as to what do do next. Play basketball? Strut the streets? Zip the boots back up? Put them on a shelf for bragging purposes? Shovel snow?


I guess we may never know.

H/T Business Insider