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Now you can own Evel Knievel’s helmet and jumpsuit

Dec 6, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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Publicity photo of motorcycle stunt rider Evel knievels's jumpsuit Reuters

Thinking of jumping that gorge near your house with a motorcycle? Have the urge to strap a rocket to your bike and soaring over a row of cars? Chances are you’re insane … but since we can’t talk you out of it, at least look good while you’re hurtling toward your doom.

Yes, the blue and white crash helmet worn by the late Evel Knievel in a daredevil 1975 London motorcycle jump, and one of his signature leather jumpsuits, will go up for auction next week — and if you have a spare $100,000 they could be yours.

Los Angeles auction house Profiles in History says the jumpsuit is one of the last surviving custom-made suits worn by Knievel (real name Robert), who died in 2007 at the age of 69.

Knievel was photographed wearing it on the cover of a 1999 biography of him by Ace Collins. He wore the helmet in his famous May 1975 attempt to leap over 13 single-decker buses in London — a stunt that ended in a spectacular crash and left him with a broken hand and pelvis.

Personally I would much rather have a jumpsuit worn by Super Dave Osborne, but that’s just me.