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Woman injured in stampede of parents trying to sign up their kids for private school (video)

Dec 4, 2012, 1:09 PM EDT


Not sports, but oh my God. It happened at AJ Whittenberg, a private elementary school in Greenville, S.C. A crowd of parents — many of whom had camped out overnight to get a choice place in line — stampeded the school entrance on Monday morning, which was the first day to sign up their children for the following school year. Whittenberg is the district’s only elementary school with engineering curriculum.

As you can see below, Whittenberg has eschewed the lottery system for the more fun and chaotic Oklahoma Land Grab system, in which the parents line up and charge toward the school when the morning bell rings. It wasn’t fun for at least one poor woman, whoever, who was injured in the stampede. There was also other assorted fighting and scuffling.

ABC News:

The high interest in the school is forcing administrators to rethink practices that have worked at 35 choice schools for decades. The district is planning to start a focus group, made of parents from across the district to discuss lottery options and perhaps a central location.

There is no perfect system,” a school administrator said. “Regardless what we do, someone that wants to get in is not going to get in.”

The mother’s injury wasn’t serious, and her child did get a spot at the school.

Anyway, judging from the aggressive nature of these parents, Whittenberg’s athletic teams should be pretty good next year.