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Morgan State head football coach Donald Hill-Eley accidentally receives e-mail of possible firing due to athletic director error

Dec 1, 2012, 1:24 PM EDT

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Donald Hill-Eley Getty Images

No one wants to learn that they might be getting fired via e-mail but that’s what happened this week to Morgan State head football coach Donald Hill-Eley who accidentally received an e-mail detailing his possible firing after next season.

Eley whose Bears went 3-8 this season in the MEAC conference was probably a little shocked to receive a forwarded e-mail on Tuesday from athletic director Floyd Kerr detailing a possible “exit plan” to relief Eley of his head coaching duties:

The email, which was originally sent by Kevin Banks, Morgan State’s vice president for student affairs, talked about honoring Hill-Eley’s final year and possibly reassigning him to another post at the university. The email detailed the university’s plan to search for a new coach this month and have a replacement in by January.

Despite having losing seasons in the last three years, Donald is the third winningest coach in Morgan State football history and was trying to push the university to put more money into the football program:

“It’s about resources, bottom line,” he said. “They think that just because they have a stadium, that’s enough. But you look at a place like Towson, and they’ve significantly increased their investment in their program. I’m doing everything I can here, and the administration sits back and says I’m already getting enough.”

After the e-mailing error, Kerr apologized to Eley for the error but it is still unknown if the firing plan will be carried out or not.


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