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Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk pulls hamstring during run, scores touchdown (video)

Dec 1, 2012, 6:52 PM EDT

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For anyone that have ever pulled a hamstring in their lifetime, they probably felt the pain that Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk felt in the fourth quarter of today’s Baylor/Oklahoma State game.

Facing a first and ten at their own 24-yard line, Baylor quarterback Nick Florence handed the ball off to Seastrunk who found a hole and appeared to have smooth sailing into the end zone.

Sadly for Lache, he pulled his left hamstring at Oklahoma State’s 45-yard line and with three Cowboy defenders on his heels, it looked like he was going to be caught from behind before scoring.

However, Seastrunk was able to gut it out and dove into the end zone to score on the 76-yard touchdown run:

Lache finished with 178 yards rushing in Baylor’s 41-34 victory.


Lache Seastrunk pulls hamstring on touchdown run [Keggs and Eggs]