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Boston Brouhaha: Humphries fouls Garnett, Rondo comes to the rescue

Nov 30, 2012, 4:51 PM EDT

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Getty Images

Kris Humphries became the pseudo mascot for NBA villainery after he made a fool of himself with the Kardashian clan only to have Kim dump him after 72 days, later decreeing it ‘just a publicity stunt’ when Kardashian refused to return the $2 million dollar engagement ring he gave her. Oh, celebrities. Sometimes they make you puke so much.

Anyway, Humphries is adding on to his legacy as the NBA’s ‘most disliked player’ of 2011 little by little, and one of those incidents happened last night when he gunned down Kevin Garnett as KG was going up for a shot, which resulted in Rajon Rondo instigating a shoving match between millionaires who don’t know how to throw punches.

But let’s have KG tell it.

Take us through the play and fight with Kris Humphries. Was he too physical?

“A little bit. A little bit. When you watch film on the dude, he’s always extra. I’ve seen him foul out. We watched film of the last time the last time we played in Brooklyn and he kind of gave Paul [Pierce] a similar type of foul — two hands, had something on it. Dude’s always been known to be out of control and he’s always tried to play the tough guy, or whatever, role. It was a little extra, but it comes with the territory, comes with the game. They’ve tried to add physicality to that team and I guess they’re trying to hold up to the whole Brooklyn mentality. Everybody knows that Brooklyn is known for being stern and firm and whatever, so I guess this is the new look of the Nets. It had something on it, but you either adapt or go home.”

Were you surprised when you looked up and you saw Rajon Rondo going after him?

“No, not at all. A lot of people that know Rajon know that he doesn’t like anybody messing with teammates or messing with brothers or messing with any kind of family. It’s pretty much been the code and been how it is since I’ve been here. This year’s no different from that. We have each other’s backs out there. We consider ourselves like family and like brothers. You’ve got to take care of each other. I was a bit surprised that it escalated to the point that it did, but it was just a big old pushing match at the end of the day. No punches or anything serious. It looks malicious at times. In the end it was a bunch of pulling the jersey off — pushing match, nothing more or less than that.”


  1. eugenesaxe - Nov 30, 2012 at 9:20 PM

    “Humphries is adding on to his legacy as the NBA’s ‘most disliked player’ of 2011 little by little”
    Actually, anybody who gives garnett a taste of his own medicine gets a thumbs-up from me. And you’ll notice garnett didn’t man up himself, when he had to face someone instead of cheap-shotting them.