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Mayor of Toronto ousted for using office to raise money for the football team he coaches

Nov 26, 2012, 8:51 PM EDT

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torontomayor Reuters

I don’t know how the people of Toronto fell for this guy. He fits the Hollywood stereotype of the chubby politician who gets involved in shady shenanigans that usually end with an Owen Wilson-type character teaming with, say, Jackie Chan to swoop in to save the day.

But that last part did not need to happen, as Mayor Robert Ford kind of ousted himself. Ford tried fundraising for the high school team that he helped coach, only he did it on correspondence with city letterhead. That’s a pretty elementary school mistake right there. He followed that up with participating in a city council vote that left his school flush with cash, even if it is Canadian money.

When a judge throws out the phrases ‘willful blindness’, ‘stubborn sense of entitlement’ ‘dismissive and confrontational attitude’ and, of course, ‘flouted’, you know we’re dealing with an individual who’s either oblivious to basic rules and customs, an idiot, or an idiot who is also oblivious to basic rules and customs.

So after years of erratic conduct, we say goodbye to the once powerful mayor of Toronto (although he is appealing his dismissal).

At issue was Ford’s participation in a city council vote on repaying money he had solicited for his football program. Ford is a volunteer coach of a local high school team.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland said Ford showed ‘willful blindness’ to the law and said he cannot claim that it was an error in judgment made in good faith. Mayor Rob Ford was ousted from his position as the leader of Toronto after it was discovered that he ‘flouted’ conflict of interest rules when he was a was a councilman.

Ford, a right-wing city councilor for years, promised to end wasteful spending at city hall when he became mayor, tapping into a well of voter anger with his ‘stop the gravy train’ message.

Yes, ‘stop the gravy train’, just not MY gravy train!

Ford’s excuse? Well, not really an ‘excuse’, per say. More like a random accusation at a very general body of people.

Ford blamed ‘the left wing politics’ for the ruling and said he would appeal. The development is the latest in a string of embarrassments for the colorful mayor who has repeatedly found himself in the news since he was elected in 2010.