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Morehead State suspends men’s basketball coach Sean Woods for screaming at player on bench

Nov 24, 2012, 10:27 AM EDT

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In recent years, there have been questions in college sports about coaches treatment of their players and those questions have bubbled up again after Morehead State men’s basketball coach Sean Woods got suspended for screaming at a player during a game against Kentucky.

In the second half of play, Woods was not pleased with the play of point guard Devon Atkinson and pulled him after committing a foul. As Atkinson went to the bench, Woods started screaming at him and pushed him towards the sideline.

While most coaches would have stopped, Woods continued to scream at Atkinson in front of the Kentucky crowd and the television audience:

After the game, Woods was suspended for an upcoming game against Norfolk State by Morehead State athletic director Brian Hutchinson who deemed his actions to be inappropriate:

“We recognize that the young men in our basketball program are students first and athletes second.  It is our expectation that our coaches are first teachers, who reflect the core values of the university which includes valuing the individual and treating people with respect.  Near the end of the game, Coach Woods’ interaction with one of our student-athletes fell short of that value and was unacceptable.

“We believe Coach Woods, while remorseful, is not above reproach.  Therefore, he will be suspended for Monday night’s game against Norfolk State.  This will allow Coach Woods to consider his action and behavior, and allow him time to contemplate the appropriate way to conduct himself with his players and on the sideline.”

Below is the response from Sean Woods regarding the suspension:

“My behavior during Wednesday night’s game was inappropriate and unacceptable.  I am truly sorry.”

“I value the opportunity I have been given as the head men’s basketball coach at Morehead State.  I am passionate about the young men on our team and the opportunities we have together.  I care for them deeply.”


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  1. tomtravis76 - Nov 24, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Chalk one more up for the pussification of todays youth.