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India bans cameras at test match with England, so press live blogs it with cartoons

Nov 23, 2012, 4:20 PM EDT


Controversy in cricket? The BCCI (Board of Control For Cricket in India) has banned photo-only organizations from a test match between England and India that began on Wednesday in Ahmedabad, so the British are fighting back in the most hilarious way possible — by live blogging the match and substituting cartoons for photos.

This is continuing today, and you can see the cartoons here.

The BCCI’s explanation for the ban is that they don’t want photos used for unauthorized commercial purposes. But since all news agencies already have to sign an agreement that they won’t use photos that way, most think that there’s another motive at play — although no one knows quite what that is.

Anyway, the rest of the world (the parts that play cricket, anyway) are not amused by this. So they’re not assigning any photographers to the matches — even ones who are allowed, such as the Associated Press — and are just sending cartoons.

Last week UK agencies and newspapers joined forces with the banned agencies – Getty Images, Action Images and two Indian companies – and refused to publish photographs from the tour.

On Saturday Gosper said: “The IOC strongly disagrees with these moves by the BCCI [Board of Control for Cricket in India], which we believe are a direct attack on the freedom of the media to report from sporting events, and shows contempt for the sporting public around the world who would otherwise like to follow these important matches.

“Photographers are news gatherers, and must be granted appropriate access to do their job.”

More cheek:

In The Guardian’s coverage of the match today, they ran the photo below with the caption:

Alastair Cook looked somewhat thrown when it became (literally) clear that India’s batsmen had been at the magic invisibility potion at tea. Photograph: Rick Rycroft/AP

source: AP

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