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UPDATE: The Martin High Lip Dub is back … this year to help a classmate who has cancer (video)

Nov 20, 2012, 12:15 PM EDT


When high school students use their powers for good instead of evil, the sky’s the limit on what they can accomplish. Take Martin High School in Arlington, Texas, for example. Martin is home of the Lip Dub, an elaborate song and dance video production performed by the entire school in one continuous take. In 2010, Martin’s first Lip Dub was done in the name of school unity, and quickly went viral. This year, their goal is an even nobler one.

All of Martin’s 3,321 students participated in a Lip Dub to raise money for cancer research — specifically for classmate Taylor Helland, who has a rare form of cancer. You’ll see pictures of Taylor sprinkled throughout the crowd in the video below, and she even participated in the production even though she’s currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The video was shot on Monday, but before they even turned on the camera the school had already raised $12,000 in pledges.

It’s an entertaining jaunt through pretty much the entire campus, including dancing goats, a guy careening down the stairs on a wake board, and a girl wearing a U.S. Postal Service sweatshirt appearing at the exact moment the lyrics mention the word “mailbox” (well played).

And here’s a news report on the project.

Any video that thanks “North Texas Inflatables” in the credits is OK by me.

Martin’s 2010 Lip Dub:

First Lip Dub, as far as I can tell:

Cleveland does rock, by the way. As does Martin High.

H/T Lew Patton.

  1. lewp - Nov 20, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    See Taylor Helland at the 7:05 mark, right underneath the Taylor sign just to the right of the guy Lip Dubbing…she’s wearing glasses…and a jacket.

  2. lewp - Nov 20, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    Full disclosure alert:

    I have a girlfriend who graduated in the very first graduationg class at Martin in 1984.
    Her name is Kristi. Kristi has a nephew and his name is Stephen and he is a senior at Martin this year. His girlfriend is at the 8:02 mark holding a girl in a tutu her name is Liz. Liz doesn’t know where Stephen was during this movie…(There is some speculation that Stephen skipped class yesterday Ssshhh). So, to all seniors: If you are gonna skip class, make sure your school is not shooting a video that’s going viral…just sayin..