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‘Monkey Man’ breaks own world record for running on all fours (video)

Nov 19, 2012, 12:02 PM EDT

KenichiIto Reuters

Back in April we wrote about Kenichi Ito, the Japanese man who has dedicated his life to walking and running on all fours — an imitation of his favorite animal, the African Patas monkey. Ito, in fact, has held the Guinness World Record for fastest time in the 100 meters on all fours, 18:58, since 2008.

Speculation: Ito calls his Guinness plaque “My precious.”

But wary that other challengers may be plotting to beat his record (“Stupid Hobbitses …”), Ito on Friday went out and broke his own mark — clocking a 17.47 four-legged gallop at some high school track somewhere.

Video here.

Here’s an earlier video of Monkey Man in action.

Also, let us never forget the peril of four-legged running:

“In the streets around here I get stopped by the police, so I went up into the mountains for about a month for a kind of four-legged running training camp,” Ito explained to Reuters. “But on the first day, a hunter mistook me for a wild boar, and he tried to shoot me.”

  1. stinkfingers - Nov 19, 2012 at 1:39 PM

    Get a job.