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In Belgium, the baskets have invisible lids … player misses four straight layups (video)

Nov 14, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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The first thing that strikes me about Belgian basketball is that there are a lot of freakin’ lines on the court. Look at that floor — how many sports do they play in that gym? (The green lines are for waffle hockey). Anyway, in this video they’re playing basketball, and a player for the Belgian Third Division team Natoye, Pierre-Yves Winkin, somehow misses four consecutive layups at his on basket in a game with Andenne.

And that was fortunate for him (on the last one, you see a teammate swoop in and swat the ball away). The misses were following a free throw, and it’s my belief that Winkin’s subconscious was preventing him scoring. Either that or he was padding his rebounding stats. Heretofore Natoye shall be called Brick City.