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It seems to be open season on referees in the Tajikistan Premier League

Nov 9, 2012, 5:05 PM EDT

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This is just like what the XFL should have looked like if they didn’t want to fold.

A Tajikistan Premier League game between “Istaravshan” and “Energetik Dushanbe” had to be abandoned in the 81st minute after players and fans got so mad at the referees they tried beating them up.

First of all, are we sure these are real places? Yes? And can we tell Rasheed Wallace about this league? He’d love it.

Apparently there are no rules that are enforced very well in the “Tajikistan Premier League” and that’s the way they like it. My favorite part was when the referee kind of looks like he WANTS to take on the thirty or so people who are swarming him, much like Thor in the recent Avengers movie.

I also enjoyed the police officer who just stood there and watched, in awe of the chaos. That’s what I would do as well. What am I going to do? Wave my nightstick at them?

And, as a bonus, here’s a highlight reel of the best goals of the past week I found in the vast wasteland that is the internet. Turn off the sound unless you enjoy getting blasted by horrible synth music.

Players And Fans Attack A Referee During A Soccer Riot In Tajikistan [Business Insider]