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Amateur wrestler tries to finish opponent off with back flip, nearly kills himself (video)

Nov 4, 2012, 8:39 AM EDT

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Folks at home, don’t try the wrestling move that you are about to see in the below video.

The video comes from an Indianapolis amateur wrestling match as the wrestler in the green shorts appears ready to finish off his opponent as he climbs to the top of the ropes.

He planned to perform a back flip that would land the wrestler in the black shorts a trip to the emergency room. However, his opponent at the last second moved out of the way just as he is about to land the flip.

Since there was no one to cushion his fall, his head found the floor of the ring and snapped backwards:

Somehow after the fall, he was able to fight out of the first pin from his opponent but used some good judgment to give up on the second pin attempt.

He should count himself lucky that he didn’t go to that big wrestling arena in the sky.


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