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Romanian soccer goalie misses back pass, gives up own goal (video)

Oct 31, 2012, 8:59 AM EDT

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Back on Tuesday, a second division Romanian soccer match between CSM Ramnicu Valcea and Mioveni saw an epic own goal after the Valcea goalkeeper whiffed on a pass from his teammate.

The goal came at the 74th minute as a Valcea defender attempted to pass the ball back to goalie Robert Tufisi after receiving pressure from a Mioveni defender.

The pass itself was a pretty good one and Tufisi had an unimpeded attempt to kick the ball in the opposite direction. However, Tufisi swung and missed it which lead to one of the most embarrassing own goals of all-time:

Thanks to own goal, Mioveni won the match by the score of 2-0.


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