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More Halloween hijinx: Ludacris opts for Anthony Davis and his unibrow

Oct 30, 2012, 3:50 PM EDT

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Via Ludacris on Instagram Via Ludacris on Instagram

Some great Halloween costumes take hours of work, gallons of make-up, and an iron will, and some great Halloween costumes just require a jersey and a well-placed tuft of fake hair. Here to demonstrate the latter is rapper/Law & Order character actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, doing his best take on the New Orleans Hornets’ explosive big man and #1 overall pick in last year’s draft, Unibrow, along with his Anthony Davis.

Excuse me, that should have read as #1 overall pick in last year’s draft, Anthony Davis, along with his unibrow. Common mistake.

Davis, along with his family, have shown an excellent sense of humor before when it comes to his prodigious sun-blocker, so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind someone like Luda getting in on the joke with this memorable costume. Bridges posted these winning shots to his Instagram, presumably with the knowledge that the real Unibrow would eventually see them, so who knows– if Davis responds with his usual self-deprecation and humility, we might be seeing him in Ludacris’ next music video (inside sources having confirmed to Off the Bench that music videos are still a thing).

And, lest you think Luda went the lazy route and quickly sketched his eyebrow monorail with a sharpie, check out the zoomed-in shot below. That’s dedication, folks.


Via Ludacris on Instagram


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