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There’s a SF Giants championship parody song set to hip, but radio-friendly folk rock, because of course there is (video)

Oct 29, 2012, 5:14 PM EDT

The Lumineers Getty Images

The Lumineers, a hip, musically talented trio of folk balladeers currently opening up a set of shows for the Dave Matthews Band, are a recent addition to many radio stations and commercial breaks across America, thanks in large part to their minimal but infectious ditty, “Ho Hey.”  The San Francisco Giants, freshly crowned as World Series Champions, now have a decidedly San Francisco parody song celebrating their victory, in the style of said band’s infectious ditty. All parties involved can extend their gratitude to the folks of the NOC, a YouTube Entertainment channel, for their fine work seen below:


(Ho!) Party on the BART tonight
(Hey!) Our rings are shining bright
(Ho!) Golden Gate to Chinatown
(Hey!) SF can wear the crown
(Ho!) We never had a doubt (Hey!)


(Pa-!) Saw a jack from Sandoval
(-blo!) Three times over the wall
(Zi-!) Pitching Zito, Lincecum
(-to!) Matt Cain and Madison
(Ro-!) Now I’m singing a Vogelsong (-mo!)

Giants won for you, Giants won for me, San Francisco
Giants won for you, Giants won for me—you’re my team (Ho!)


(Ho!) Whether we made it to the park
(Hey!) Or watched it in a Castro bar
(Ho!) We put our faith in Scutaro
(Hey!) Buster Posey, Blanco
(Ho!) Now we’re champions of the world (Hey!)


(Pa-!) From Willie Mays to Mike Krukow
(-blo!) To the boats in McCovey Cove
(Zi-!) Year’s done and we’re the best
(-to!) Thank god for the NL West
(Ro-!) Now let’s all get wrecked (-mo!)

Now let’s all get wrecked, indeed! (OTB chief/rabid Giants fan Rick Chandler is surely doing his part somewhere). Congratulations to the Giants, and for comparison’s sake, here is the original video from the Lumineers (who are actually from Denver), because it is also good.


The Lumineers – “Ho Hey” – Giants World Series Song Parody – The NOC [YouTube]