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The real MVP of the 2012 World Series? Orange-headed monkey born at San Francisco Zoo

Oct 29, 2012, 1:03 PM EDT

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Back in 2002, The San Francisco Giants were victimized by the Anaheim Angels “Rally Monkey” during the World Series but it appears that another monkey might have given the team some luck during this World Series winning run.

An unnamed baby Francois’ langur monkey was born at the San Francisco Zoo right before the Giants faced the Cincinnati Reds in game three of the National League Divisional Series (where they faced elimination from the playoffs) and since that date, San Francisco’s baseball luck has changed.

During the World Series, the San Francisco Zoo constructed a sign for the habitat containing the good luck charm with the words, “Lucky Langur lives here”:

“Things have turned literally since she’s been born,” said Abigail Tuller, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Zoo. “She seems to have her strongest powers when the Giants are behind.”

The baby, Tuller added, is most active on game days, venturing away from her mother and aunt to crawl around on her own. She especially “seems to perk up when she sees people with Giants logos on.”

Currently, the monkey doesn’t have a name but the San Francisco Zoo was running a Facebook contest and they will reveal the name of the monkey this week.

The two top picks for the monkey’s name: “Scutaro” or “Posey”.


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  1. cbking05 - Oct 29, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    Someone’s been eating cheetos…everytime I eat cheetos my hands turn orange, and then it gets all over my junk.