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Like a rap video, in reverse: scantily clad woman spills beer on man (VIDEO)

Oct 26, 2012, 4:39 PM EDT


We’ve all been there before. There you are, enjoying a nice brew in peace and quiet, watching Amazonian bombshells in underwear and shoulderpads play something resembling football while you ponder the meaning of life and what exactly Jean-Paul Sartre meant when he said that “every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness and dies by chance,” when BOOM!, one of said bombshells comes leaping over the wall and knocks you (and your beer) to the ground. Okay, so maybe we haven’t all been there, but this guy has:

Wow! To recap: in a Lingerie Football League match-up between the Saskatoon Sirens and the Regina Rage (who, as it turns out, is NOT an alliteratively-named Canadian punk songstress), the Rage have decided to go for a two-point conversion. Or maybe there’s just no kicking in the LFL? Who the Hell knows.  Anyways, in her best attempt at a Dwight Clark impersonation, 6’1″ tight end (easy, folks) Cydney “Big Country” Froelch leaps for a corner fade and not only clears the wall, but in doing so lands right in this unlucky (lucky?) dude’s lap, damning him to the pavement and his beer to the most ignoble fate of spillage.

However, unlike Dwight Clark, and despite both her best efforts and what you might be led to believe by a video titled, in part, “THE CATCH,” Froelch does not come up with the football… just our hearts, and a starring role in a video that’s sure to go viral. Make sure to watch the clip the whole way through because it finishes with the viewpoint from Froelch’s own helmet-cam, which is a great resource if you ever wanted to know exactly what the first five of fifteen seconds of fame looks like.

Oh, and to answer the question I’m positive no-one is asking, the Rage lost the game 35-33.


LFL | CANADA | Game 7 | THE CATCH [YouTube]