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Was the kid from Looper at the World Series game last night? Because that would explain so many things

Oct 25, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

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San Francisco Giants' Sandoval celebrates as he runs past Detroit Tigers' Fielder after hitting his third home run of the game during the fifth inning in Game 1 of the MLB World Series baseball championship in San Francisco Reuters

As Giants fans will recall, Pablo Sandoval got a nice rest for the stretch drive back on Aug. 1 when he injured himself stretching for a foul ball while playing first base against the Padres. At the time. Bruce Bochy reacted to the injury — a strained hamstring — in fairly hilarious fashion: “It’s usually where like in Little League, you put the fat guy over there and you didn’t worry about injuries.”

The fat kid hit three home runs against Justin Verlander on Wednesday, and the Giants are up 1-0 in the World Series. I think this says it all:



Hope the Giants didn’t sell Pablo’s bat after the game.

And by the way, when the Series swings to Detroit for Game 3 and the Giants are looking for a DH, may I suggest Barry Zito? We need his bat. Unable to criticize his pitching on Wednesday, Fox’s Joe Buck instead began ripping Zito’s hitting ability, at one point describing the scene as he stepped into the box against Verlander as “the biggest mismatch in baseball.” Zito promptly singled home the Giants’ fifth run, as Buck gnawed on his microphone.

Next order of business: has anyone else noticed the fan sitting behind home plate at AT&T Park wearing a Marlins’ jersey? I first saw him during Game 6 of the NLCS, and as it turns out he’s been a pretty effective good luck charm.

The guy wears a crooked Marlins visor, is usually seen chatting on a cell phone and by the late innings he always switches to a Panda hat. Someone got a closer picture of him during NLCS Game 7.


Don’t leave your post, Marlins dude. One win does not a World Series title make — the Giants need you tonight more than ever.

H/T Scout6.