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11-year-old auctions winning show steer for $106,000 … is richest kid in Oklahoma

Oct 25, 2012, 4:41 PM EDT

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showsteerap AP

Although the animal in the photo here is a fine figure of a steer, it’s not the one to which we’re referring in the headline. That one is right here — being shown by 11-year-old Baylor Bonham of Newcastle, Okla. Young Baylor won first prize in the totally awesome steer category at the National Western Stock Show in Denver this past January, then taking home $106,000 at the auction.

Well, he didn’t take all of it home.

“If we didn’t stop him, he’d give away all the money he has,” Stacey Bonham said of her son.

The young member of First Baptist Church in Newcastle, Okla., is tithing on that money to his church.

I assume that means he’s donating one tenth of the money to the church.

But here’s the best part of the story:

Baylor, who weighs 80 pounds, was in the auction ring with Stripe, and when the amount hit $70,000, the audience rose in applause, frightening Stripe, who jerked and sent Baylor flying into the metal bar on the sale ring. But being the professional he is, Baylor jumped up and returned to center ring to complete the auction, which reached $100,000 before the auctioneer encouraged the $106,000 amount to commemorate 106 years of the National Western Stock Show.

Why does the steer have no say in this?

STEER (standing on hind legs, extending front legs): “Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you. We are a proud and noble race … can we reach $120,000? Also, eat more chicken. Thank you.”