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Ref penalizes middle school football team because its band is too loud (video)

Oct 18, 2012, 5:31 PM EDT


From the Wait, What? files … they take their football seriously in Texas. So seriously in fact that a Dallas area middle school team was penalized multiple times by a ref who said that their band was too loud.

The band left at halftime … but so did the ref. District officials gave the sensitive zebra the boot before the game was even over. (Sad trombone).

Hudson Middle School was playing Jackson Middle School in a Garland Independent School District game when one of the officials began motioning for the Hudson band to play more quietly. When they didn’t he threw a flag. Then another. Apparently suffering from a brass phobia, or perhaps just not a fan of the tuba, the ref reportedly told the band director that he would penalize Hudson each time the band played.

So the band left. But so did the ref … district officials at the game gave him the boot at halftime, and later told him he will never officiate in that district again.

Band mom Jo Ann Brewer wondered if the official’s decision sent the wrong message to her daughter. “I know a lot of parents will say football is more important than the band,” she said, “but us band parents, we don’t believe that.”

Nor should they.

I was at a high school football game a few years ago in which a ref penalized a team mascot for standing too close to the field. The mascot — a bear — was well off the field, about 15 yards or so, standing on the track. But the ref evidently was not a fan of bears, or mammals of the non-human sort, and actually threw the flag just before a play, even though the bear was standing still and not making a peep. Fifteen yards for being a bear.

In Texas, they wouldn’t stand for that. They might shoot him, yes. But that’s it.

  1. skids003 - Oct 19, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    They only shoot liberals in Texas.

  2. captainstabbins - Oct 19, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    And for good reason…