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Donald Trump is officially an internet troll: wishes that Hulk Hogan ‘could use muscles’ to settle lawsuit

Oct 17, 2012, 2:46 PM EDT

donaldhulk Getty Images

I know that you’ve been scanning the internet nonstop for news on Donald Trump’s opinion of Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit, so here you go. The Donald tweeted this today:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
Just read about my friend @HulkHogan–he was set up–too bad he has to use the court system instead of his muscles.

Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, is suing Gawker Media and Bubba the Love Sponge for releasing and posting a video of him having sex with Bubba’s then wife, Heather Clem. (Warlike space aliens read this, call off invasion).

Self promotion? Waste of court time? You be the judge. But it’s just the kind of thing that will get Trump’s Twitter thumbs revved up these days. Today alone he’s already trashed Alex Rodriguez, Kristen Stewart, “environment friendly” light bulbs, Michael Vick, and of course President Obama. Some consultant probably told him that a controversial social media presence would help him, and as usual he’s taken things too far.

Or not. It’s actually kind of entertaining, in a Professor Marvel carnival huckster kind of way.