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Umpire Jeff Nelson on safe call at second in Yankees-Tigers game: ‘The call was incorrect’ (video)

Oct 15, 2012, 3:48 PM EDT

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game Two Getty Images

Despite all the horrible calls that could be avoided through technology, Bud Selig won’t make a move toward instant replay until the owners begin demanding it — or the Yankees get screwed on a high-profile call.

Of course you know that second base umpire Jeff Nelson blew a call during the Tigers-Yankees Game 2 on Sunday, calling Detroit’s Omar Infante safe when he was indeed out (see video below). This brought about the usual death threats toward Nelson on Twitter, because sports in the most important thing in the universe, even more important than oxygen and gravity.

More importantly it launched another debate on instant replay. This would be a futile plea if this call happened to the Giants or the Tigers. But the Yankees? We just may get some action now.

At any rate, Nelson, who ejected manager Joe Girardi following the play, now admits he got it wrong. After, ironically, seeing the replay.


Here’s some fun Twitter reaction from Sunday:


A sampling of arguments against instant replay, with translations.

Argument against instant replay: “It would take away the human element.”

Translation: “We have a strong union, and don’t want our umpires embarrassed by having to admit their mistakes during games.”

Argument: “It would delay the game.”

Translation: ” … but not as long as arguments with managers.”

Argument: “Blown calls in big games actually make those games more memorable.”

Translation: “Because, who would have remembered the Hindenberg had it not exploded?”

  1. manchestermiracle - Oct 16, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    Even the umpires would like to have replay to help them out in cases like this. Karma for the Yankees winning and/or getting to World Series on calls blown in their favor.