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This poor excuse for a broom may have doomed the Reds in the NLDS

Oct 10, 2012, 7:50 PM EDT


How happy are the Giants right now? Happier than a witch in a broom factory. And speaking of that, what is this thing that Broom Hilda is wielding during Tuesday’s Game 3 of the Giants-Reds series? This tattered household implement couldn’t sweep a phone booth, let alone an NLDS. Thanks to Sportress of Blogitude for bringing this to our attention.

Well now the series that seemed inevitably in favor of the Reds is headed for a deciding Game 5, with Matt Cain going against Mat Latos, so anything can happen. What turned this series around, besides this poor, dopey lady’s 17th century broom?

The Mitt Romney sign guy, who started things off in Game 3 by charging the field at Great American Ballpark. The Mormon Deity of Lost Causes, whatever that may be, must have transferred from Mitt himself to inhabit the bodies of the Giants. Of course, even with Cain going on Thursday, San Francisco still trails in the polls in the swing states.

And of course, ESPN once again doubting the Giants, just as they did in 2010. Here are the network’s 2012 MLB preseason predictions, as picked by 29 of their writers:

Diamondbacks (15)
Phillies (14)
Cardinals (5)
Reds (4)
Braves (3)
Giants (3)
Nationals (2)
Brewers (2)
Marlins (1)

Of course, they weren’t too hot on the Reds either.