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Couple get married while running Portland Marathon

Oct 9, 2012, 7:17 PM EDT

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I haven’t been to very many wedding receptions where the bride and groom were toasted with Gatorade, but this may have been an exception. Katie Holmes and Eric Johansson were married at the 20-mile mark of the Portland Marathon on Saturday, and finished the final 6.2 miles of the race as man and wife.

The two were old friends who reconnected at the Portland Marathon five years ago, at the same 20-mile mark. They began dating, moved in with each other and decided to make things official at this year’s race.

Holmes wore white, with a veil attached to a baseball cap. Johansson donned a Dri-Fit tuxedo shirt.

Video here.

The metaphor here is perfect, actually. Married life is a marathon, both requiring two basic things: a lot of endurance and comfortable shoes.