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Turkish soccer fan invades pitch, steals jersey from goal scorer (video)

Sep 23, 2012, 8:32 AM EDT

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In a robbery that would make Carmen Sandiego proud, a Turkish soccer fan decided to pull off the ultimate theft by running onto a soccer pitch and stealing a player’s jersey right from him.

It happened during a Turkish Premier League match between Kasimpasa and Gaziantepspor following a goal from Gaziantepspor’s Ekrem Dag. After Dag took off his jersey to celebrate, a teenage fan found his way onto the field and took it right from him.

The fan decided to run to the opposite end of the field and after being spooked by some security guards, he threw jersey into the stands to be retrieved by another fan.

Don’t worry about Dag though, he ultimately got his jersey back minutes later as a man in a blue tie retrieved it for him:


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