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Jeremy Lin hones craft in Taipei by teaming with David Lee to mercilessly destroy school kids (video)

Sep 7, 2012, 11:33 AM EDT

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NBA sensation Jeremy Lin is greeted by supporters at a promotional event during his Taipei tour in downtown Taipei Reuters

Linsanity may have died down considerably in America with the recent combination of his great escape to Houston and the fact that the NBA is in its offseason, but that doesn’t mean the people of Taiwan aren’t going to mob their newly minted hometown hero any less. It’s not often an athletic hero comes from Taiwan and Chien-Ming Wang isn’t going to do anything of note ever again. So on Lin it falls.

For reasons only clear to Lin himself, he has chosen to visit his home country with his cadre of brothers and former Knicks teammate David Lee and now they’re trapped in a Taipei hotel as a hoard of press waits for him to show his face so they can all yell questions at him at once. Trapped! What’s a Lin to do now?!

Why, put on a Hello Kitty mask and play basketball. Of course.

Lin and his posse hop waltz right by the very absentminded hoard of reporters, jump in the limousine and head off to a local pickup basketball court, where we find out that apparently everybody in Taipei have iPhones and they’re all trained on Lin. The fans start flocking as the word gets out, meanwhile, the 6’9″ Lee is taking¬†advantage of the fact that nobody on the other team looks to be anything near 6 feet tall by dunking every time he touches the ball as the other team can only look on and wonder if they have any tall friends they can call up in a flash.

Lin ¬†does a little bit of dominating himself as he pulled out a few of his signature ball fake layups and even did one of Michael Jordan’s patented “block a layup against the back board” trick. Lin’s knee seems to be pretty alright.