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Yes, Franco Harris brought a Joe Paterno cutout to the Penn State game

Sep 3, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT

Ohio v Penn State Getty Images

Probably the last thing that Penn State officials needed to see on Saturday was Franco Harris in a Beaver Stadium sky box with his special guest — cutout Joe Paterno. And cardboard Paterno had a sign that read ‘Due Process for PSU JVP’. Makes it kind of difficult for the Nittany Lions to move on from this whole mess, as I’m sure many are anxious to do.

But Harris — the former Steelers running back noted most (by me) for running out of bounds to avoid getting hit, is the most notorious Paterno apologist out there, besides other Paternos. Franco played for Joe, after all, and even lost a job for defending Joe in the immediate wake of the Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Ohio won the game, 24-14 — so I have the feeling cutout Paterno probably won’t be back until they start winning.

Franco just isn’t letting this go. He was interviewed by Los Angeles filmmaker John Ziegler for a new documentary, The Framing of Joe Paterno, coming soon to a theater/TV/local cable access channel near you.

Hey, with a name like The Framing of Joe Paterno, at least you know the documentary will be balanced and fair.

  1. stampofdisapproval - Sep 3, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Good call, Rick. You’re absolutely right, Franco made it a habit of running out of bounds to avoid contact.

    I get Franco’s loyalty to Paterno. That’s all well and fine but he REALLY makes himself look bad by going out of his way to defend the late coach in such a manner. PSU needs to distance themselves from that whole mess that went down and move on with the new coach and his staff.

    The right thing to do is bury the past and build a good reputation going forward.