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The Big Interview: Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis on keeping sacks at zero

Aug 29, 2012, 2:33 PM EDT

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Professional Mike Vick protector Evan Mathis joined us in the studio for some good old fashioned OTB grilling, Jack Bauer style.

What’s your secret to such a dominant season at guard last year?
I have amazing trainers at Zone Athletic Performance and the best OL coach in the game, Howard Mudd. The rest is a secret.

Can you tell me a little about your new workout facility in Arizona? What’s your workout philosophy?
My trainers, Garrett and Adam, are two of the most motivated and intelligent performance specialists I’ve been around. I don’t have a training philosophy as much as I’m really just following the road map that they set for me. They train their athletes to maximize performance first and foremost. There’s so much that goes into doing that but that’s the best way I can sum it up.

You have a faster 40 yard shuttle time than a lot of the elite athletes in sports. One example is LeSean McCoy. How’d that happen?
I’m a freak of nature.

You like to crack jokes on twitter. Do you also take your skills to the locker room to lighten the mood?
I’m usually only serious when I’m focusing in meetings and on the field. Everywhere else I’m probably cracking jokes and acting like an idiot.

You got to play with Ocho Cinco and TO during their one year together. Can you tell us a little about that? How were they in the locker room?
They were much quieter behind the scenes that most would expect. Right as the 2010 season ended, I took their nameplates off their lockers. I’m a hoarder.

With your vertical leap that you demonstrated in that box jumping video, does it help you surprise people when you’re playing pickup basketball?
Basketball season and wrestling season were at the same time in high school. I was a wrestler so any time I play pick up basketball I surprise people with how terrible I am.

Anyone ever comment on your surprise athleticism?
I should be playing defensive end and I would have 20 sacks each season. When I get my time machine up and running again I’ll go back and do that.

I think I read that you only let up one sack this season. How’d it come so easy to you this year?
I actually haven’t allowed a sack since 2006. It’s not easy, I just try to keep that number at zero.