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Miami Dolphins fan has Dolphins logo tattooed on the back of his skull

Aug 26, 2012, 2:20 PM EDT

Picture 7 Getty Images

Think you are a super fan of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins? Dolphins fan Emmet Dove might make you question your super fandom since he decided to pay the ultimate tribute to his favorite professional football team.

Recently, Mr. Dove decided to get some permanent ink on the back of his head of the Dolphins logo and dare I say, it is a pretty good black-and-white copy of the logo down to the smallest details.

Check out the picture of the tattoo that Emmet posted on his Twitter page to show off his back of the head artwork:


There are rumors however that the Dolphins are possibly looking to change/update their logo and its possibly that Emmet’s skull tattoo might need some alterations in the future.


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