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Where does a 6-11, 500-pound football player play? Anywhere he wants (video)

Aug 23, 2012, 2:50 PM EDT


There’s one great thing about being a 6-foot-11, 500-pound football player. On hot practice days, you can make money renting out your shade. John “House” Taylor plays for the Central Penn Piranha (Enola, Penn.) of the Gridiron Developmental Football League — a minor league pro football team. The defensive lineman is listed on their roster as 465 pounds, but that was a few hamburgers ago, it seems. House says he’s now at 500 big ones, which makes him unofficially the largest player in the history of organized football.

Aaron Gibson (former RT for the Lions, Cowboys, Bears and Bills who retired in 2004) is the largest ever to play in the NFL, at 440 pounds (6-foot-6). House has him beat in size, but probably not athleticism — NFL scouts looked at him when he played at Virginia Union, but deemed him too big.

But for the Pirhana, he fits just fine. WHPTV:

“House” has a simple job on defense — take up space. An offense can’t block, what an offense can’t see. “If they can’t see the linebackers, they don’t where they coming from, the offensive linemen,” said Ron Kerr, the owner and head coach of the Piranha. “He has to be double-teamed. He’s too big not to be.”

Said Taylor:

“Don’t run my way; pretty much that’s what I do (on defense),” said Taylor.

House is more or less (OK, more) a specialty player, which means he’s not in the game for every snap. But if you need someone to stuff the run on a short-yardage situation, or just want to hide your defensive backfield formation, he’s your man.

House is 35 years old, so his football days are numbered. In fact, he says he’s a bit worried about his health, and says he’ll start losing weight once he quits the game.

He also wears a size 6XL jersey.