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This dude won an MMA fight despite a fractured skull

Aug 15, 2012, 10:03 AM EDT

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Want a definition of hardcore? Check out the x-ray of J.P. Joubert’s skull, which he tweeted on Monday. See the dent? Yikes.

It happened at EFC 15 (Extreme Fighting Championships) in Carnival City, South Africa, last month, where Joubert scored a TKO victory over Norman Wessels for the light heavyweight title. From Complex Sports:

After receiving “a multitude of knees, elbows and fists,” JP was diagnosed in the EFC injury report as suffering a “frontal sinus fracture and concussion,” which would stop most people dead in their tracks.


In the short term this looks completely heroic. But what of the long term effects? That’s not a pretty picture. Here’s an account via Fightlinker from lightweight MMA fighter Ramsey Dewey, who suffered a fractured skull in a RUFF MMA bout with Wang Guan of China:

“No one explained unified rules standards for taping to the fighters or the officials before the show. Sanda fighters usually make a tape cast over their knuckles to make their punches harder- which isn’t that big of a deal under 12oz boxing gloves. However, under non-padded MMA gloves (especially the cheap imitation leather Badboy gloves they used for RUFF) that kind of tape job turned fists into literal hammers. It’s very illegal, and very dangerous.

“My skull is no longer structurally sound enough to fight. According to the doctors I consulted, the damage from the depression fracture is irreparable. At this point, what was once the hardest part of my head is now the weakest and getting hit there by anyone at a professional level will result in serious brain injuries or even death.”