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Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Kenny Stills wears purple sequin dress (picture)

Jul 8, 2012, 8:31 AM EDT

Kenny+Stills+Oklahoma+v+Baylor+o3rRyrEDll2l Getty Images

A couple of months ago, we featured a story about a picture of former Ohio State basketball star Jared Sullinger wearing a black cocktail dress.

That picture appears to be just the first in the line of male college athletes deciding to cross-dress for the camera and the image somehow getting circulating around the web. The latest cross-dressing victim is Oklahoma Sooners junior wide receiver Kenny Stills.

The image was posted on an Internet message board showing Stillswearing a purple-sequin dress that would make any girl feel like a princess and will probably be cannon fodder for his teammates if he drops any passes:


Apparently, it was wedding joke that wasn’t supposed to get out…..

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