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Minor League baseball stadiums mangled and drenched by very angry weather patterns

Jun 26, 2012, 2:47 PM EDT

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You know it’s a bad day for maintenance crews when a two-day barrage of rain has left your stadium’s field of play looking like a big old Olympic swimming pool. The Clearwater (Fla.) Threshers had a terrifying date with Tropical Storm Debby over the weekend, as she wreaked havoc all over the east coast, depositing large amounts of rain everywhere and leaving drainage experts scrambling to explain to clients as to why their drainage designs were not properly draining things. The Threshers did not hire a good drainage expert.

While the Single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies may not have a dry clubhouse yet, their Bright House Networks Field is bone-dry less than 24 hours after it sat several feet under water while Tropical Storm Debby pounded the area with rain all weekend.

“Great drainage,” said one member of the front office, who still had his hands full trying to dry out puddles in the clubhouse and first-floor offices.

Up north in Virginia, the Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels were having a pretty rough time of it at their stadium too, as a monster thunderstorm crept up on the Squirrels and the New Britain Rock Cats in the 8th inning. The storm dumped a whole bunch of rain and lightning on top of the stadium in a very small amount of time, resulting in a destroyed fence and a bunch of really shook up people. No injuries, miraculously.

The storm formed as a cold front pushed southeast through the region. Billowing 35-40 thousand feet into the atmosphere, the spinning storm prompted a tornado warning. It’s not yet clear if a tornado touched down.

The spectators couldn’t tell if they were in a tornado or not because they were all either panicking or wondering if they were just stuck in a dream about that one movie where Dennis Quaid fought a bunch of wolves and freaked out a lot. So, yeah, tough weekend for baseball stadiums.

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